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Meet the Milton Park Team

Our experienced team at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus, are a diverse group of Clinicians, Therapists and Managers who all work holistically to provide a truly person-centred care approach for patients. 
David Lewis

Job title: Hospital Director
Qualifications: Registered Mental Health Nurse, Certificate in Leadership and Management in Modern Healthcare Organisations
Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus
How did you get into a career in care?:  I have worked in the Nursing Profession for more than forty years,  in both public and private sectors having held Senior Managerial positions for more than thirty years.
My experience has included clinical, operational, managerial, commissioning and inspecting roles in services which have included older persons care, acute mental health and rehabilitation, all levels of secure services (up to and including HM Prison Department), women’s services, developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury and Autism services.
Professional role models (who and why)?: A lady called Sister Margaret Jerrard, who was the Sister in charge of the first ward I worked on when I started my Nurse training in the early 70's. Sister Jerrard was an absolutely inspiring nurse who always put the highest standards of care foremost for her patients and I would like to think that I took on some of the qualities that Sister Jerrard instilled into her student nurses. 
What motivates you:  I am passionate about building teams that deliver the highest standards of care and support  to the people who use our services whilst ensuring that the patient is central in everything we do.
I am committed to ensuring that Milton Park Therapeutic Campus continues to develop and build upon it’s strengths as a leading provider of services to people who require specialist care and support making a positive impact on people’s pathway through care and working with the team to support patients labelled as ‘difficult’.  
Unusual skills / interest work wise or otherwise?: I have enjoyed many different interests over the years including coaching throwing events (discus , hammer , and shot) , competitive motorsport, and playing a variety of musical instruments in bands - I still  weight train five evenings a week !!!
What makes a good day?: Simply to "make a difference" - whether it be for patients, staff, relatives, or members of the public generally, and I think it is important to remember that sometimes even the simplest of things can mean so much to someone and" make the difference" for them.


"We encourage visits from interested parties, especially if someone may be  considering a placement at Milton Park, so please take this opportunity to come  and meet the staff team and fellow patients and see our facilities. You can then  get a real feel for what we have to offer and make your decision based on that –  I promise you will not be disappointed !"  David Lewis, Hospital Director, Milton Park Therapeutic Campus.

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Victoria Hulstrom
Job title: Deputy General Manager at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus  

Qualifications:  Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities, Dip. RSA, ADOS, PTTLs, KUF Personality Disorder, Further study in Infection Control  

Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus  

How did you get into a career in care: Throughout my schooling and social clubs I had had contact with people with Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health needs. When looking at A-Levels I chose psychology and sociology as two of my subjects which further peaked my interest in working with people and working for better quality and outcomes. I took a brief break after my A-levels and it was then that I realised it was a career in Nursing that was for me.  

Professional role models (who and why):  I had an excellent mentor for a large chunk of my student nursing who was very experienced in various different fields of Learning Disability nursing. I am pleased to still be in contact to this day.  

What motivates you:  making a positive impact on people’s pathway through care and working with the team to support patients labelled as ‘difficult’.  

Unusual skills / interest: work wise or otherwise?  I am Mayor of Royston.  

What makes a good day?:  Seeing the campus really come alive in the summer with lots of outdoors activities 
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Dr Walter Owino
Job Title: Medical Director / Consultant Psychiatrist

Qualifications: MBChB, FRCPsych, DPM

Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

I knew I wanted to be a psychiatrist from when I first entered medical school. It struck me as the field of medicine that was about people most vulnerable in the society. My first voluntary job when I was still a medical student was with children with severe brain damage and multiple disabilities including severe epilepsy. My career development in care followed the typical NHS postgraduate training in psychiatry and ultimately I chose to specialise in the field neuro developmental disabilities including learning disability.

My professional role models include Prof Joan Bicknell the first UK professor of the psychiatry of  Learning Disabilities who was a real inspiration to me and many others in the late seventies and Wolf Wolfenberger a German-American academic who developed the principle of normalization which had significant effect on the way services for people with disabilities have been structured throughout the world. What continues to motivate me is seeing many young people coming into the care industry and the passion and dedication they show in doing their work.

What makes a good day for me when we have been able to achieve good outcomes in care without compromising the safety or welfare of any service user or staff-member. 
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Tiago Pinto
Job title: Head of Therapeutic Services, Clinical Psychologist

Qualifications: Clin. Psy., M.Sc., B.Sc (hons), M.ISST

Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

Tiago Pinto is a Clinical Psychologist who graduated in Portugal in 2001. Tiago completed his clinical training in different services such as outpatients units for children with behavioural and mental health problems, adults with addiction problems and adults with enduring mental health problems.

Since moving into the U.K, Tiago established his practice on a variety of settings such as CAMHS, social services, Learning Disabilities teams, outreach and children’s challenging behaviour teams, medium secure hospitals for adults with forensic and acute mental health problems.

Tiago found his specialist field working with children, young people and adults with autism. Since he started his career he became fascinated with ASD presentations and how to best support and devise appropriate interventions for each client, from understanding challenging behaviour to unpicking comorbidities and correlating these into clear outcomes, by observing, listening and reflecting collaboratively with the client. 

At BrookdaIe Care, in his day to day practice, Tiago comes across adults with ASD with a mix of other diagnosis, when Autism is the core factor shadowing the presentation. He believes there is still a need to raise more awareness to supporting Adults with autism and consider therapeutic interventions to improve people’s lives and outcomes.

From up to date diagnostic and psychometric assessments to adapted treatment programmes (which may include cognitive behavioural interventions); to supporting research work; understanding links with comorbidities; introducing new and innovative ideas such as mindfulness with ASD, psycho-sexual education and social norms; and Schematherapy for females with ASD and other mental health problems. Tiago leads a multidisciplinary therapeutic team which aims to excel in understanding and supporting the individual to achieve.

As professional role models Tiago quotes two: Professor Temple Grandin - an inspiration in to how to work and understand ASD holistically and Dr. Jeffrey Young – how Schematherapy was developed and it can integrate several interventions such as CBT, Attachment theories, Gestalt and work in practice.

Tiago is a big enthusiast of meditation and mindfulness, and he enjoys spending weekends in retreats and his favorite leisure activity is to go for long walks with his dog paying attention to the present moment.   
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Barry Hannon
Job title: Applied Psychologist

Qualifications: MSc, BSc(hons), MBPsS

Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

I joined my colleagues at Milton Park in 2015, working as an Applied Psychologist within the Therapeutic Services Group.  My responsibilities within our multidisciplinary team approach include completing and maintaining robust risk assessments and management plans, and contributing to and reviewing the progress of Integrated Treatment Plans and Person Centred Planning for care pathways.  As well as this, I provide treatment for patients through one-to-one psychology sessions, behavioural interventions (often collaboratively implemented with unit staff), and the delivery of treatment group sessions.  As a BILD trained Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) coach, I regularly provide staff training to help ensure that PBS practices are fully imbedded in our organisation.  Additionally, when requested, I will provide psychological support for Milton Park staff.

Previously I have worked in a various settings including voluntary organisations, NHS partnerships, drug and alcohol services, HMP services, and brain injury services; and treated and supported different patient/client groups and clinical presentations.  I have a range of research interests, with the areas particularly related to my role here being acquired brain injury, the autism spectrum condition, and lived experiences.
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Vidya Rajbhoj
Job Title: Counselling Psychologist

Qualifications: I am
 trained in Applied Psychology and have a specialisation in Counselling, REBT and CBT

Place of Work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

How did you get into a career in care?: I have been working with Brookdale since 2013 as a Counselling psychologist. My interest in the field of Autism began with the first job I held after my qualification in 2004 as a Counsellor working in children's services for Autism.

I have worked in various services including children's services, special needs schools, IAPT, universities (involved in research), corporates and adult services in government and private sectors.  I consider myself fortunate to have had an early introduction to psychology with some of my close family members being associated with the field of psychology. 

Who are your role models (who and why)?: There are many renowned psychologists who have been founders of what we know today of psychology.  However I am particularly fascinated by the American Psychologist, B. F. Skinner who is one of the pioneers in the Behavioural Psychology, an inventor and a philosopher who has given us the ‘operant conditioning’, ‘schedules of reinforcement’, ‘shaping’ and so on… which is so relevant and effective while working in the field of Autism for supporting the individuals to manage their challenging behaviours.

I also greatly appreciate the CBT and Mindfulness and recommends must read for general population, books by Christine Pederasty, ‘Mind Over Mood’ and ‘Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ by Mark Williams.

I have a view that treat individuals as ‘whole’ and not in parts with their specific problems and so believe in a holistic approach towards therapeutic interventions.

Unusual skills / interests?: I enjoy hiking adn I think that it takes one very close to nature and also helps us to be grounded with the very mother earth. It is also like practising mindfulness meditation when you are just with the nature and inhale it with every breath you take whilst with it.  
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Dr Olufemi Oluwatayo
Job title: Consultant Psychiatrist

Qualifications: MBBS, MSc, MRCPsych  

Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus  

How did you know Psychiatry was right for you?:  As a medical student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, my psychiatry posting at the famous Aro Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta had a huge impact on me and increased my desire to learn more about human behaviour, so deciding on a career in psychiatry was pretty easy.    

Professional role models (who and why)?:  The Late Professor Michael Olatawura, a Professor of Psychiatry and former Medical Director of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, where I trained. He made difficult subjects look simple and taught me the science and art of psychiatry. He was humble, lived a simple life and he impacted positively on the life of a generation of psychiatry trainees at UCH.  

What motivates you: The realisation early in my career that I am fortunate to be position of relative influence, so I feel I have a responsibility to give back and help others who have not been so fortunate.    

Unusual skills / interest:  Not sure, maybe I am still on the journey to discover it?  

What makes a good day?:  Each day comes with its challenges, so I see every day as a good day! 
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Mark Keeble
Job Title: Lead Occupational Therapist

Qualifications: BSc Hons Occupational Therapy

Place of Work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

How did you get into your job: I was working in a school for Autistic children as a care worker. One day I saw a lady working with a child in the sensory room. The child was on a swing and she was playing with different textures. I was fascinated and asked the lady what she was doing. She told me that she was an Occupational Therapist and that she was assessing the child to see what helped her to keep calm. I did some research into Occupational Therapy. I joined the degree course a year later.

Who do you admire: Temple Grandin. I admire her tenacity and determination in the face of adversity, her insight and advice on sensory issues and ideas on how we can improve communication with individuals with Autism, including how they see and react to the world around them.

What motivates you: Making the most of life and supporting others to do the same. Unusual thing about you: I have a degree in theatre, media and drama.
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Charlotte Twelvetree
Job title: Speech and Language Therapist

Qualifications: BSc(hons) Speech and Language Therapy

Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

Charlotte graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Speech and Language Therapy in 2014. Since then she had been building her experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disabilities. 
Whilst studying Speech and Language Therapy, Charlotte gained experience across both adults and paediatric settings with a range of client groups. Her experience includes working in neuro-rehabilitation centres, schools, and community clinics. During her time working in these settings, Charlotte has supported individuals with developmental language delays, speech difficulties, dysfluency, specific language impairments, aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia of speech, and word-finding difficulties. Charlotte continues to develop her knowledge of current Speech and Language Therapy practices through the completion of CPD activities and training courses.
Charlotte’s main passions relate to how to best support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities. 
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Bowden Marunza
Job Title: Clinical Lead Nurse

Qualifications: AI have trained in Phlebotomy and also acquired a professional qualification as a Best Interest Assessor. 

Place of  Work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

How did you get into a career in care?: I am a Mental Health Nurse who prior to joining Brookdale worked in mental health settings including residential services since 2003 as a senior support worker supporting adults with enduring mental health needs and learning difficulties. Since joining Brookdale in 2011 I haves worked as a nurse practitioner progressing to Senior Nurse before taking the role of a Unit manager. I then progressed to the role of a Service manager and more recently as Clinical Lead nurse. 

What motivates you?: Bowden enjoys most working with people with mental illness and learning disabilities as he feels his strengths lie there. He also enjoys developing good therapeutic relationships with service users and helping them in their journey to recovery.      
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Gayle Woodcock
Job Title:  Quality Lead at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

Gayle is a Mental Health Nurse with experience working with adults with Mental Health needs, Learning Disabilities and behaviours that challenge.

Prior to joining Milton Park, Gayle worked in training and practice development including initiatives to improve patient involvement. In addition to nursing she is an Outcomes Star trainer, Positive Behaviour Coach and the lead for the East of England National Recovery and Outcomes Project. 

Gayle has spoken at various conferences around producing positive outcomes for patients and was a finalist for the Laing & Buisson award for Recovery Pathways and a finalist in the National Learning Disabilities and Autism awards in 2016 and 2017. 
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