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Another Great Day

by Lesa Walton 10. October 2013 10:43

It can be stressful, it can be thankless, it’s a 24 hour a day, 365 days per year, high risk responsibility having a duty of care for many vulnerable but interesting people, yet, without doubt, I will continue to claim I still have one of the best jobs in the world. Although I think being a chief wine taster or something big in chocolate would come close, it wouldn’t tempt me away from my current world of work.

So why have I suddenly felt the urge to launch into blog mode about my amazing job?  Well, it’s because I have just again been reminded why I like coming to work.  Two of our service users from Milton Park have each won a Koestler Award for their art.  

William won a commended for his relief sculpture ‘Mirage of Wonders’. William has been with us at Brookdale for a good while now as life has been more than challenging for him.  Nevertheless, he a real talent, whose skills extend well beyond art.  This award is a formal recognition of what those who are working closely with him already know; he is a very clever man.                                                                                                                                               

Then there is Daniel, also at Milton Park, who has won a highly commended for his drawing ‘Tyrant in the Mountains’.  As with William, Daniel has also been on a long but positive road to rehabilitation with us.

Well done to both of you, the Brookdale team are extremely proud of you both.  Read all about it here

So, yes, its true there are many positive stories and fun things in my work, but whilst I write this blog I am staring at the mounds of paper which litter my desk, and thinking, mostly I have  the best job in the world but I would rather have a trip to the dentist right now than  get to grips with this lot.   Most of it is completely non care related and brings no direct benefit to the people we care for, it’s just ‘stuff’ that has to be done! 

Now there’s an idea, I will blog about bureaucracy soon.  Now this will be a good read, the problem is you won’t get it in its raw form because two of my esteemed team who have  responsibility  for the image and reputation of Brookdale, take it upon themselves to act as blog police and they insist on ‘taking the edges’ off of my work! 

Watch this space!

Daniel and William both agreed to be featued in the blog.

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