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Be Nice People

by brookdale 19. August 2014 06:22
I mean, in all honesty, how difficult is it to be really nice to people?

If you can’t do it all the time, put your niceness energy into your working hours, especially where your work is providing a service to the public.


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Cake Confusion

by Lesa Walton 21. February 2014 10:16
French patisseries (baker’s shops) have huge displays of the most incredible cakes. Even in tiny villages with populations of about 50 there will be a shop with a magnificent display of cakes and pastries in the little local shop. They obviously get consumed by the French in large amounts or the shops wouldn't exist! These shops are everywhere. [More]

Only "am"

by Lesa Walton 18. February 2014 04:44
I’m in France this week. We drove to Andorra to pick up little SJ from his school ski trip, with his stinking suitcase, which is what happens when you have six 9/10 year old boys sharing a hotel room the size of a wardrobe, all with semi wet ski kit etc! [More]

A Wife's Wisdom

by Lesa Walton 6. January 2014 04:29
I am yet to find anyone who doesn’t, in some way, complain about their partner. Too messy, unsociable, untidy, doesn’t care, drinks too much, spends too much time at work etc.. and the list goes on and on [More]

Dear Susan....An Open Letter To Susan Boyle From Lesa Walton

by Lesa Walton 9. December 2013 08:07
Susan Boyle is an alternative thinker and has been diagnosed as having an Autistic Spectrum Condition. No real shock for those of us who live and breathe ASC. So to you Susan, I write this letter…………….. [More]


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