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Pathway House meet and greet for Home Leader candidates

Recently a meet and greet was held at Pathway House for all of the potential Home Leader candidates. The meet and greet was used as part of their stage 1 interview in order for the candidates to meet with current staff and people we support living at Pathway House.
The home manager Fiona opened proceedings by introducing all the candidates and opened the floor to any questions from staff or people we support. The questions included:
  •         What is important to you?
  •         What will you bring to Pathway House?
  •         How would you prioritise activities and trips?
  •         What hobbies do you have?
  •         How would you support the manager in the running of the home?
  •         How would you work with the staff team?
Following the questions everyone was invited to stay and interact with each other if they wished. Candidates who were unfamiliar with the home were also shown around. Once the meet and greet was finished the home manager Fiona gathered feedback from all of the residents and staff.
This kind of patient involvement is great to see and we commend everyone involved at Pathway House. By allowing the people we support the opportunity to voice their opinion to help decide who they could potentially be working with in the future really shows that their best interests are at heart.