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JW on Judging The 'Best Newcomer In Care' Award

The Care Awards are an event run by Tracscare and Brookdale to pay tribute to staff members from both organisations who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work during the past year. Brookdale staff members were part of the judging panel for the 'Best Newcomer In Care' award. JW (a person we support) was invited to be a part of the judging panel and to help decide who finalists should be.

Below is a short piece written by JW about the judging proceedings from his point of view.

The 'Best Newcomer In Care' Award Nominations  
I am delighted to have been invited to be a part of the Brookdale and Tracscare Best Newcomer Award  Judging Team where I worked alongside two members of staff from Milton Park campus. We looked through a variety of fantastic nominations and each scored the nominations for Best Newcomer Award from one to five, with five being the highest score. We spent plenty of time to read through each application and try to understand why each person that was nominated deserved the award. Ultimately after reading through each nomination and scoring them we tallied up the scores and there was one stand out winner, however it was very close indeed.

I want to thank all the people that were nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, it is always a pleasure to enjoy the positives and the hard work that these staff go through to make sure that Brookdale and Tracscare facilities are running well. Personally being a service user at Pathway House, I was honoured to be asked to help judging these applications. I felt that I was working with the other members of staff as a part of a team and not as service user, this allowed me to enjoy the experience of being part of this judging process. I would very much like to be involved with more opportunities like this in the future, I am always very happy to be part of the constant progressing of Brookdale and Tracscare facilities and the running of them.

Congratulations to the winner of the Best Newcomer award and congratulations to all of those that also got nominated but did not win, your outstanding ability to make the job you do matter to those around you, be it other staff, clients or management is a constant reminder to us, the service users of these services that you care a lot about your job and wish for the service to be fantastic.

Many Thanks,