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Autism Best Practice Day

On Monday 18th of January Brookdale and Tracscare hosted their first joint 'Autism Best Practice Day' Event.
The Autism Best Practice Day was an event for Brookdale and Tracscare staff to meet together and learn from people speaking about relevant Autism related topics and how this information could be used to benefit the people we support in the future. The talks consisted of presentations by Brookdale and Tracscare staff, external speakers Patrick Redmond, John Williams and Matthew (a person supported by Tracscare).
All the presenters were excellent and provided the audience with lots of thought provoking topics. 
The Speakers were:
Sue Hullin (Quality and Service Director – Tracscare) – Introduction of Event
Patrick Redmond (External Speaker) spoke about ‘Travel Training’ for individuals with Autism. Patrick spoke about his work 
which involves teaching adults with autism how to travel safely and independently in the community. 
Mark Keeble (Lead Occupational Therapist – Brookdale Care) -  ‘Environmental Considerations  and Calm Kit’
John Williams (External Speaker) spoke on the topic titled 'My Son's not Rainman'. John spoke about his own personal experience about his son who has autism. The talk was a combination of extremely funny comedy fused with personal heart warming moments. 
Matthew (a person we support) spoke about his journey and about how far he has progressed in the last few years whilst being supported by Tracscare. It was a great testament to show how life changing the right support and guidance can be. 
Lucy Peat (Communication Development Worker - Brookdale Care) and Sandra Stamos (Forensic and Counselling Psychologist – Brookdale Care) - ‘Augmented Communication’.
The topics were all very unique and gave the audience lots to think about. After each talk the staff 
 brainstormed in groups to discuss what they had learnt and how the information could be put into practice to help add value to the lives of the people we support.

The event had lots of brilliant information delivered by fun and informative speakers and it was great seeing members of staff from Brookdale and Tracscare coming together to help provide the best possible service for the people we support in the future.