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Anti-Bullying Awareness Event

At the Milton Park star centre there was an interactive workshop hosted by the star centre staff and two police officers.

The two officers came to the event to raise awareness of bullying and cover different topics around bullying. The two officers answered questions and gave a individuals a broader understanding of what bullying is, what to do if you are being bullied and how to get help. The theme of this year’s anti-bullying week is 'make a noise about bullying' and the two police officers highlighted on the fact that the best way to get help with bullying is by 'making noise' and by telling someone.

Some residents decided to express their feelings towards bullying by writing poems. Below are two brilliant poems one by ADo and the other was by an individual who wanted to remain anonymous.
Whether you’re in the street or sat behind a screen,
An adult or kid, or somewhere in between,
Bully or victim, the cycle must end,
So don’t be afraid to confide in a friend.
A joke isn’t funny once someone gets hurt,
And, spend every day and night on high alert.
Respect should work both ways, but it must be earned
And to earn it gets harder with every bridge burned.
Old ghosts surface to haunt us with every success,
But the sooner they’re tackled, the smaller the mess.
You may never move on from these darker times fully,
But there’s life after being a victim or bully.
Reflect on the strengths you have that make you unique,
Keep your mind active, and let your confidence speak.
The world would be dull were we all the same, right?
But against bullying, it’s time we unite!


Alone, though there are people around me.
Alone, too embarrassed to say.
Alone, people telling me I’m ugly.
Alone, people telling me I’m fat.
Together, I can fight the negative thoughts in my head.
Together, I can fight it.
Together we can all fight it.


Very well done to both our poets and another well done to the star centre team and other staff members who helped arrange such a successful event today.