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TP From Manor Farm goes Go Karting!

TP from Manor Farm recently went to Teamworks go karting in Letchworth. When arriving at Teamworks TP was very keen to have a go in the go-karts, as soon as he got inside and could see the go karts he began waving his arms and smiling. 
He was then prompted upstairs to change into a go karting suit and helmet. TP then sat down on chairs with staff and another service user and was given a brief on how the go karts work. Afterwards he then walked down the stairs with staff and was supported by staff into his go kart. TP went round the track for around 15 minutes, occasionally hitting the sides of the course, however he was laughing throughout.
TP then went into the pit stop area and began saying ‘again again.’ TP was then supported by a member of Manor Farm staff and a member of team works staff to change into another go kart. TP continued in the go kart for a further ten minutes. Everyone could tell TP was having a great time on the track as they could hear him laughing whilst going round the course.

TP then went into the pit stop area and was supported to take his helmet off by a member of staff from Manor Farm. TP was laughing and saying ‘again again.’ Staff explained that he can come back to go-karting again soon. When TP was asked if he had a nice time he loudly replied ‘yeah!’ TP was given a medal by a member of staff  from team works and had a beaming smile!

It’s brilliant to see that TP had such a great time go-karting.  It’s also fantastic that our staff are so committed to organising so many new and exciting activities for our residents to try.