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The Autism Show in London and Birmingham

The Autism Show – London and Birmingham
We’ve had a great few weeks supporting the Autism Show in London and Birmingham and taking the opportunity to spread awareness of Brookdale’s specialist services for adults living with Autism.
Our staff had great conversations with a variety of care professionals and with families of children that had just been diagnosed through to adults living with Autism.
We were able to offer advice and guidance to all and inform people of our support services where relevant.
Our 3 Minute Guides to Autism were extremely popular.  These little booklets cover the basics on what Autism is, but importantly, it has sections written by individuals living with Autism about what it means to them, how it effects them, and helpful tips on how to support them.
People were taking the 3 minute guides to hand out to teachers, doctors, grandparents and anyone else they were coming into contact with.
You can download your copy of the 3 Minute Guide to Autism here