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Selby appoints UK's first mayor with learning disabilities

We are so pleased to see an article like this. We recently held our own every vote counts election event to explain to our residents about the voting system and how they have the same equal opportunity as everyone else. Now a town in North Yorkshire have appointed the UK’s first mayor with learning disabilities. Gavin Harding, who was previously deputy mayor, is starting his second term as a Labour town councillor for Selby Northward. He was nominated as mayor by a fellow member of council, and then approved by the council as a whole. It is thought he is also the first UK councillor with learning disabilities.

When Gavin won her said, “I had to keep pinching myself, saying is this real ... it’s a great honour being mayor of Selby, my home town. It’s a big town in North Yorkshire with a great community and great people in it.”

This is brilliant story that shows no matter who you are, if you work hard and follow your dreams, you can achieve anything you desire.

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