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Probation Institute Conference - Autism Awareness Training by Sandra Stamos

We have been invited by the Probation Institute to present a training session on Autism Awareness to an audience of probation officers on Friday the 13th of March. It is becoming more widely recognised that 15% of the individuals touched by the probation service live with autism, the Probation Institute is proactively rising the awareness and skills of it members, to enable everyone in the criminal justice system to feel safe and get a fair outcome. We really commend the Probation Institute for their hard work in trying to draw attention to this issue and make their staff  better trained and more aware on how to handle these situations.

The presentation is being led by Sandra Stamos, a Forensic Psychologist with Brookdale Care’s residential services. Sandra has over 15 years experience in providing risk assessments, psychological assessment reports to Courts and treatment for adults or young people in prison or custody, as well as children and families. Her aim is to raise awareness of autism in the Criminal Justice System and to offer a range of practical skills and insight, to ensure that the Probation Offices attending feel better equipped to help carry out their stressful roles. 

If you have any comments or questions regarding this presentation email us or to see Sandra's presentation click here.

We are running our own Autism & Offending Conference in April 2015. For more information or to register click here.