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Tiago Pinto

Name: Tiago Pinto

Job title: Head of Therapeutic Services, Clinical Psychologist

Qualifications: Clin. Psy., M.Sc., B.Sc (hons), M.ISST

Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

Tiago Pinto is a Clinical Psychologist who graduated in Portugal in 2001. Tiago completed his clinical training in different services such as outpatients units for children with behavioural and mental health problems, adults with addiction problems and adults with enduring mental health problems.

Since moving into the U.K, Tiago established his practice on a variety of settings such as CAMHS, social services, Learning Disabilities teams, outreach and children’s challenging behaviour teams, medium secure hospitals for adults with forensic and acute mental health problems.

Tiago found his specialist field working with children, young people and adults with autism. Since he started his career he became fascinated with ASD presentations and how to best support and devise appropriate interventions for each client, from understanding challenging behaviour to unpicking comorbidities and correlating these into clear outcomes, by observing, listening and reflecting collaboratively with the client. 

At BrookdaIe Care, in his day to day practice, Tiago comes across adults with ASD with a mix of other diagnosis, when Autism is the core factor shadowing the presentation. He believes there is still a need to raise more awareness to supporting Adults with autism and consider therapeutic interventions to improve people’s lives and outcomes.

From up to date diagnostic and psychometric assessments to adapted treatment programmes (which may include cognitive behavioural interventions); to supporting research work; understanding links with comorbidities; introducing new and innovative ideas such as mindfulness with ASD, psycho-sexual education and social norms;  and Schematherapy for females with ASD and other mental health problems. Tiago leads a multidisciplinary therapeutic team which aims to excel in understanding and supporting the individual to achieve.

As professional role models Tiago quotes two: Professor Temple Grandin - an inspiration in to how to work and understand ASD holistically and Dr. Jeffrey Young – how Schematherapy was developed and it can integrate several interventions such as CBT, Attachment theories, Gestalt and work in practice.

Tiago is a big enthusiast of meditation and mindfulness, and he enjoys spending weekends in retreats and his favorite leisure activity is to go for long walks with his dog paying attention to the present moment.