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Luke Moving onto Supported Living

Luke is 26 years old and has been living at Elm House in Brookdale Care for 2 and 1/4 years and in that time he really has come a long way. In just over 2 years Luke has gone from being unstable and in crisis to moving on to the increased independence of supported living.
This is just a huge testament to the great work Noma and her team have achieved in such a short amount time. Noma the manager at Elm house said, ‘The difference from when he came to now has just been amazing’.

Luke said he has felt progressively more confident and independent since he has been in Brookdale Care. He has really formed and excellent relationship with Noma and her team and he said he has enjoyed his time there. He also said 'My family are happy I am here as they know it is the best care set up I have had'.
Luke said he is looking forward to moving on to supported living however he will be sad to leave, as he will miss all the carers and house mates at Elm house.
The staff and other residents of Elm have decided to throw Luke a surprise party to celebrate him moving on to supported living.

I met up with Luke again at the party where he said 'I think this is the happiest day of my life'. We really think Luke is an inspiration to show what progress you can make from being in the right environment. We wish Luke the best of Luck in his progression to supported Living and also want to say a well done to Noma and her team at Elm House for changing another person’s life for the better.